Tough loss for SDSU, big win for S.D.

by Jay Elsen March 16, 2012

SDSU’s storybook  season came to an end on Thursday, with the Jackrabbits falling to Baylor 68-60 in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament.

Once the team had fulfilled it’s postgame obligations with the media, SDSU players and coaches shared their reactions via Twitter. Here’s a few that stood out:

“That was a tough loss but thanks for all the support back home and in SD…couldnt of asked for better teammates to play with this year.” – @NateWolters

“Real upset at this point, but this team was something special. We didn’t finish the way we wanted, but this year was a blast. #blessed” – @JordanDykstra42

“…So proud to have coached this group of players. They have done so much for me, SDSU, and our state.” – @CoachNagy

Genuine emotion from three men that had just poured their heart and soul into the biggest game of their lives and lost. Pretty powerful stuff.

I think it’s safe to say Nagy’s thoughts were echoed by the entire state.

Most of us (dare I say, maybe even a few Coyote fans) wanted to see the Jacks achieve the immortality that coincides with an NCAA Tournament upset. We wanted that extra, long-lasting connection to March Madness.

We may not have gotten our wish, but that doesn’t change the fact that this was our team, our state, in the Big Dance. It’s what Jackrabbit Nation dreamed of when SDSU made the leap to NCAA Division I.

These guys made that dream come true, and they looked good doing it. And for that, South Dakota will be forever grateful.

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